SMC Mould With Low Shrinkage, High Strength

Although smc mold technology in our country started relatively late, and the initial technical and some developed countries have some small gap, but in order to improve our country smc mold design, and now continue to develop, our country Smc mold technology development technology is very good.

After continuous learning and introduction, smc mold industry has reached an advanced level, and has its own unique technology, then, machine tool industry should pay attention to its development of new needs to achieve a win-win situation between the two sides. Such as smc mold heat treatment technology:

smc mold is the high-end products now use intelligent heat treatment, we know SMC mold related to the structure of the mold, the materials used, heat treatment technology, the heating process required temperature and stress. Heat treatment technology is smc mold performance guarantee, is a very important process. Smc mold on the performance of a direct impact. smc mold strength: If the heat treatment process is improper, heat treatment operation is not standard or heat treatment equipment, the state is not perfect, it may cause smc mold strength (hardness) can not meet the design requirements.

Smc mold manufacturing accuracy of the impact: If the organization is not uniform, not completely, heat treatment process of residual stress is too large will cause smc mold after heat treatment in the processing, assembly and mold the use of the process of deformation, reducing the SMC mold Accuracy, or even scrapped.

For the smc mold life, heat treatment of the organizational structure is very important, as well as grain size is also very important, if not meet the scope, it may affect the smc mold toughness and other performance.

Chip molding compound (SMC) is a dry prepreg made of unsaturated polyester resin, low shrinkage additive, filler, curing agent, thickener, mold release agent and glass fiber. Low shrinkage, high strength, easy molding and other characteristics, especially for large-scale industrial production. With the domestic SMC manufacturing technology, mold molding technology continues to improve, reduce the cost of the mold, the government on the work environment and other requirements to improve the original many hand paste, jet and other processes to shape the product, curing time is long, low production efficiency , The labor force, the environment pollution, began to gradually use SMC molding process. Domestic SMC has been widely used in the electrical industry, such as switchgear shell, arc extinguishing plate, partition board, etc .; for cars, tractors cab shell, train frame frames, sitting prayer; construction facilities such as bathtubs, The

At present, the domestic SMC molding compound manufacturers a lot, but most manufacturers produce SMC sheet width is only 0.6 meters, the production SMC sheet 3KG / m, production capacity of 6 tons / 8 hours, (1 meter wide SMC sheet for the 5KG / M, the production capacity of 10 tons / 8H). And when molding a large area of the product, due to the sheet laying area is not enough, so that the sheet process lengthened, resulting in fiber orientation shrinkage, resulting in surface ripples; serious will enter the air, so that products cross section of the pores and the line. This requires the production of large and wide SMC sheets.

SMC sheet increased from 0.6 m to 1 m, the glass fiber content per meter increased from 0.6 kg to 1 kg. How to infiltrate these more than doubled glass fiber, so thickening control consistency, it has become the key to the subject of the technology. If the sheet is very hard, often resulting in poor liquidity when pressed; too soft, the workers in the operation of sticky hands, the outer surface of the film is also full of resin, not only increased the operational inconvenience, and the suppression of molded products Prone to bubbles and other defects, local position strength is poor, easy to crack products.