SMC Mould Importance Of Heat Treatment Process

Although SMC mold technology in our country started relatively late, and early in the technology and some developed countries have some big gap, but in order to improve our country's SMC mold design, and now continue to develop, our country's SMC mold technology development technology is very good.

Through continuous learning and introduction, SMC mold industry has reached the advanced level, and has its own unique technology, along with it, machine tool industry should pay attention to its new development needs, in order to achieve the situation of mutual win. such as SMC mold heat Treatment technology:

SMC Mold is the high-end products are now using intelligent heat treatment, we know that SMC mold involves the structure of the mold, the materials used, heat treatment technology, in the heating process required temperature, stress. Heat treatment technology is the guarantee of SMC mould performance, it is a very important process. It has a direct influence on the performance of SMC mould. The influence of SMC mould strength: If the heat treatment process is improperly formulated, the heat treatment operation is not standard or the condition of heat treatment equipment is not good, it may cause the SMC mould strength (hardness) to not reach the design requirement.

The impact of SMC mold Manufacturing Accuracy: If the organization changes unevenly, not thoroughly, the residual stress in the heat treatment process is too large will cause the SMC mold after the heat treatment processing, assembly and mold use process deformation, reduce the SMC mold precision, even scrap.

For SMC Mold Life, the structure of heat treatment is very important, but also the grain size is very important, if not meet the scope, then may affect the SMC mold toughness and other performance.

SMC Mold is an intelligent heat treatment, which also has a clear mold structure and the use of materials and heat treatment technology, the required mold heating process required temperature, and stress. So for the SMC mold Heat Treatment Technology Everyone understand, please see the following detailed introduction.

Importance of heat treatment process of SMC Mould

Heat treatment technology is an important process to ensure the performance of SMC die. It has a direct effect on the following properties of SMC die. SMC Mold Strength: improper heat treatment process, heat treatment operation is not standard or heat treatment equipment status is not good, resulting in the treatment of SMC mold Strength (hardness) is not up to the design requirements. SMC Mold Manufacturing Accuracy: The organization changes uneven, incomplete and the residual stress formed by heat treatment causes the SMC mold after the heat treatment processing, the assembly and the mold use process distortion, thus reduces the SMC mold precision, even scrapped.

The working life of SMC Mould: The unreasonable structure of heat treatment and the exceeding of grain size lead to the decline of the main properties such as SMC mould toughness, cold and hot fatigue performance and abrasion resistance, which affect the working life of SMC Mould.

Manufacturing cost of SMC mould: As a SMC mold manufacturing process in the middle or the final process, heat treatment caused by cracking, deformation and poor performance, the majority of cases will make die scrap, even if through the repair can continue to use, will increase the working hours, extend the delivery time, improve the mold manufacturing costs.

But we do not know, if you want heat treatment technology has a better effect, we need to have professional knowledge and skills, and we should know that the heat treatment technology and mold quality is very closely related, so that the SMC mold is very important.