Precision Mould State Of Performance To Meet Design Requirements

At present, the Precision Mould  processing requirements more and more stringent, foreign companies in the requirements of Chinese mold manufacturers to provide mold, most will be proposed on the fractal surface must not have manual processing requirements. But many domestic and small mold manufacturers still do not.

In fact, the general mid-range mold (small and medium) should meet this requirement. This requirement is to investigate the mold manufacturer's design level, equipment level, process level, management level, quality assurance system and staff quality of one of the comprehensive indicators.

The so-called survey design level, is the rationality of the design and the complexity of the simple optimization is the best. This point, at present in the Chinese mold manufacturers still have very big difference.

The so-called inspection equipment level,Precision Mould is to see whether you have a regular CNC equipment and use the correct process to process. At present, the world's advanced mold manufacturing equipment, can be seen in China. The average Chinese mold maker is basically equipped to be.

For the management level and quality assurance system. It can only be said that more and more enterprises recognize its importance. Here I focus on the processing technology to meet the requirements of some of the experience.

First of all,Precision Mould to work in the processing center after 3-4 hours on the mold parts finishing, the effect will be the best.

Secondly, in order to solve the problem of deformation of the die parts in all machining processes, the deformation of the machining process is minimized.

In the cutting process of die parts, due to the processing of knives, electrodes, cutting wire, hot and cold changes, fastening tools to the material Schli, etc., the materials processed within the accumulated internal stress; When the accumulated internal stress reaches a considerable degree, the rigidity of the material is overcome, the shape of the machined parts is changed, and the deformation is produced.

It is necessary to accumulate internal stress in the process of cutting, so it is necessary to cause the deformation of the die parts. We know that the most internal stresses in the mold parts are deep holes, grinding, roughing and electrical processing stages, as well as the welding process.

Overcome the deformation caused by internal force in the die parts. There are two ways: to eliminate internal stress and mechanical reprocessing or both.

The elimination of internal stress is generally a method of heat treatment, that is, what we usually call "elimination of treatment."

General steel parts into the furnace, 6-12 hours gradually heating up to 590 ℃, insulation 2-6 hours (depending on the workpiece size and thickness, but also according to the local seasonal temperature), and then cooling with the furnace. This process typically takes 24-48 hours.

General aluminum parts into the furnace, 6 hours gradually heating up to 290 ℃, insulation 2-4 hours (depending on the workpiece size and thickness, but also according to the local seasonal temperature), and then cooling with the furnace. This process typically takes 24 hours.

In machining, especially in roughing, the force of fastening tools must be even, the general use of many times, diagonal fastening, tight-loose-tight method.

We are generally accustomed to the processing method is to identify a datum, the processing process is unchanged, with it as the basis for processing other parts. In fact, because of the deformation caused by the accumulation of internal stress in processing, this datum plane is also deformed.

The deformation of the datum plane will result in many changes in the remaining shapes. In the assembly through the trimming, but also produce a lot of changes, these accumulated, affect the mold quality and longevity.

In order to make the mold performance to meet the design requirements of the state, we should solve in the processing process to overcome the deformation caused by internal stress in the mold manufacturing process of common diseases.

We usually select several different directions in the area of roughing to detect the degree of three-dimensional deformation. If there is no ready-made, can be attached, and then cut off when finishing. The additional observation surface can not be too small, too small to observe inaccurate. Principle is: Can big big, easy excision.