Precision Mould Production Efficiency Increased Significantly

Precision Mould Manufacturing can not be separated from those advanced processing equipment. The main process of mold manufacturing has CNC milling, walking thread cutting, EDM, grinding, car, measurement, automation and so on. This paper introduces the advanced equipment and technology of these processes.

CNC Milling

It can be said that the rapid development of plastic mold manufacturing industry has benefited mainly from the innovation of CNC milling technology. From the traditional ordinary milling machine to the three-axis machining center, and then to today's five-axis high-speed milling, so how complex three-dimensional surface parts processing almost all can become a reality, material hardness is no longer a limitation problem. The main cavity and surface of the plastic mould are finished by CNC milling.

High-speed milling machine uses the small diameter milling cutter (the typical tool is the monolithic carbide ball Head milling cutter, end milling cutter and corrugated milling cutter, high rotational speed (spindle speed can reach, $number rpm), small cycle feed, make the production efficiency greatly improved, the precision can be stabilized to 5μm; At the same time, due to the low milling force,Precision Mould the workpiece thermal deformation reduced, Milling depth is small, and feed faster (linear motor, up to 80m/min fast-moving speed, up to 2g acceleration), surface finish can reach ra<0.15μm. High-speed milling can process 60HRC hardened die steel parts, so high-speed milling process allows after the heat treatment after the cutting process, so that the mold manufacturing process is greatly simplified.

Second, walking thread cutting processing

Walking thread cutting is mainly used in the processing of two-dimensional and three-dimensional straight surface parts, such as die, plastic mould, powder metallurgy mould and so on. One of the processing stamping die the proportion of the largest, stamping die punch, convex mold fixed plate, concave die and unloading plate and many other precision hole processing, walking thread cutting is an indispensable key technology. In the injection mold manufacturing, the common application has inserts the hole, the thimble hole, the oblique top hole,Precision Mould the cavity clearance angle and the slippery block and so on processing, generally speaking the processing precision request not to die so high.

EDM is suitable for machining complex parts such as small cavities, narrow seams, grooves and corners. When the tool is difficult to reach the complex surface,Precision Mould where the depth of the cutting is needed, the EDM process is better than that of the milling machining. For the processing of High-tech parts, the discharge of milling electrodes can improve the success rate, which is more suitable than the high cost of cutting tool. In addition, in order to be used as EDM finishing place, the use of EDM to provide the surface of the fire pattern.

With the rapid development of high-speed milling, the development space of EDM has been squeezed. At the same time, high speed milling also brings more technological progress to EDM. Such as: the use of high-speed milling to make electrodes, because of the small area of the implementation of processing and high quality surface results, so that the number of electrode design greatly reduced. In addition,Precision Mould the use of high-speed milling to make electrodes can also make the production efficiency to a new level, and to ensure the high accuracy of the electrode, so that EDM machining accuracy is also improved. If most of the processing of the cavity is done by high speed milling, EDM is only used as an auxiliary means to clear the corner trimming, so that the amount of more uniform