Precision Mould Management Level, Quality Assurance

At present, the high-end Precision Mould processing requirements more and more harsh, foreign manufacturers in the requirements of China Precision Mould manufacturers to provide Precision Mould, most of the sub-surface will not have the requirements of manual processing traces. But many domestic small and medium Precision Mould manufacturers still can not do.

In fact, the general mid-range Precision Mould (small and medium-sized) should meet this requirement. This requirement is to examine the Precision Mould manufacturer's design level, equipment level, process level, management level, quality assurance system and the quality of one of the comprehensive indicators of staff.

The so-called inspection design level, is the design of the rationality and complexity of the simple optimization is the best. This is the current Precision Mould manufacturers in China is still very different.

The so-called inspection equipment level, is to see if you have a formal CNC equipment and the use of the right process to process. At present, the world's advanced Precision Mould manufacturing equipment, can be seen in China. General Chinese Precision Mould manufacturers are basically in the equipment is possible.

For the management level and quality assurance system. Can only say that more and more enterprises recognize its importance. Here to focus on my processing technology to achieve this requirement some of the experience.

First of all, to work in the processing center for 3-4 hours after the Precision Mould parts for finishing, the effect will be the best.

Secondly, to solve all the processing process due to internal stress deformation of the Precision Mould parts of the problem, so that the deformation of the process of the smallest.

In the Precision Mould parts cutting, due to the processing of the tool, electrode, cutting wire, hot and cold changes, fastening tools on the material force, etc., the processing of materials within the continuous accumulation of the resulting internal stress; Stress in the accumulation of attempts to release. When the accumulation of internal stress to a considerable extent, to overcome the rigidity of the material, changed the shape of the workpiece, resulting in deformation.

The material is processed in the cutting process of accumulation of internal stress is inevitable, then the internal stress to cause deformation of the Precision Mould parts is also inevitable. We know that in the Precision Mould parts within the accumulation of the most stress, is deep hole, grinding processing, roughing and electrical processing stage, and welding processing stage.

Overcome the deformation caused by the internal force in the Precision Mould part. There are two ways: to eliminate internal stress and mechanical reprocessing or a combination of both.

Elimination of internal stress is generally the way to take heat treatment, that is what we usually call "consumer treatment".

General steel parts into the furnace, 6-12 hours gradually heated to 590 ℃ or so, insulation 2-6 hours (depending on the size and thickness of the workpiece, but also according to the local seasonal temperature), and then with the furnace cooling. This process usually takes 24-48 hours.

General aluminum parts into the furnace, 6 hours gradually heated to about 290 ℃, insulation 2-4 hours (depending on the size and thickness of the workpiece, but also according to the local seasonal temperature), and then with the furnace cooling. This process usually takes 24 hours.

In the mechanical processing, especially in roughing, fastening tool force must be uniform, generally used many times, diagonal fastening, tight - loose - tight method.

We generally used the processing method is to identify a datum, the process of starting from the beginning to the end of the same, as it is based on the processing of other parts. In fact, due to the accumulation of internal stress during processing caused by the deformation, the base is also deformed.

And the deformation of the base plane, will cause the rest of the shape of many changes. In the assembly through the dressing, but also produce many changes, which accumulated, it affects the quality and life of the Precision Mould.

In order to make the Precision Mould performance to achieve the design requirements of the state, we should solve the process of processing to overcome the deformation caused by the deformation of the Precision Mould manufacturing process of common diseases.

We usually in roughing, the choice of several different directions of the surface as a self-detection of three-dimensional deformation of the observation surface. If there is no ready-made, can be attached to the re-processing and then cut. Additional observations can not be too small, too small to observe inaccurate. The principle is: to large is large, easy to remove.