Jie Mei Celebrated Its 11th Anniversary On July 1st

 It is a pleasing and exciting day, Jie Mei usher in the 11th anniversary of setting-up on July 1st.

Thank you for all the support and help from customers, staffs and friends over the past 11 years . The past year is the first year of the new decade for Jie Mei, which is the very important opening year. Jie Mei achieved great successes under the effort from all staff together. Both output value and profit are created of new records in Jiemei’s history. Coming the year 2017, customers and orders continued to grow stably, and has a tendency to accelerate.

  We launched the writing contest for what do you learn from the “Jie Mei Staff behavior standard” in June. The celebration is began with the tug of war among 8 teams. What is worth mentioning is that our Boss Mr. Jackson joined in one team as well and this team won the competition. Below 2 picutres is regarding what they look during the war and after the war.

  Our boss Mr. Jackson made a wonderful speech to review the past and look into the future. It gave our each Jie Mei staff a good summary of what we have done good and done not good and the next developing direction of what we can do better and what we will do . He specially raised that we will complete our training course to build our JieMei own training college.

Fighting everyone To create and realize our own dream and our common Jiemei dream. 

The principle of JieMei is :

To be strict on work and to be generalist on one post.

To have a good learning atmosphere.

To create the special forces for mould manufacture

To make the company full of humanity and love

To make the company like a garden style

To make great efforts and progress together with our staffs,clients,suppliers and the society. We have a heart full of sunshine, happiness,honesty and gratitude.