Foreign Mould Industry Powerhouse Trend Analysis

1. Japan die industry
At present, Japan mold manufacturing technology is still in the leading position in the world. According to the Japan Ministry of industrial statistics, Japan total about 10,000 mold production plant, in which 20 people accounted for more than 91%, which Japan mold industry, dominated by SMEs, mainly through specialization, complete high quality injection mold design and processing. Because Japan specialization does well, small and medium enterprise's overall high level of manufacturing so that the "Japan" made mold to become a brand, a symbol of quality. In recent years, Japan plastic mold, die casting molds, powder metallurgy mold growth, stamping and forging die tended to decline. According to Luo Baihui understanding, Japan mold is now facing five major topics--shortening delivery time and reduce manufacturing costs, improve quality and accuracy, labour shortage and meet the challenge of Asia. According to this condition, Japan many mold manufacturers in expanding investment in equipment.
2. United States mold industry
United States now has about 7,000 mould enterprises, more than 90% for small businesses with fewer than 50 people. Due to the high development of industrialization, United States mold industry has become mature high-tech industry, is a world leader. United States has standardized the production of die steel and the universal application of mould design and manufacture technology of CAD/CAE/cam, supporting advanced processing technology, test and detection equipment, a large, complex, precision, long life, high performance tooling development reached the leading level. Since 90 's of the last century, but United States economy faces a post-industrial adjustment and reform, also face strong international competition--from cost pressure, time pressure and the pressure of competition.
3. Germany mold industry
Germany renowned for its exquisite processing technique and production of precision machinery and tools known, the mold industry also embodies this characteristic. This connotation for mold complex industry, after years of practice, Germany die manufacturers formed a consensus: that the industry must be coordinated, effort, tapping the potential of development, channelling the spirit of innovation and technological progress, learn from each other and play the whole advantage, can achieve business success. In addition, to meet the needs of rapid development of new products, in Germany not only large companies have established a new development centre and many small businesses are doing, take the initiative to do development work for clients.