Difficulty For The Chinese Die Casting Industrial Development And Growth

First, although the importance of casting mould industry has been recognized by more and more people, but has not yet reached the heights, so not completely straighten, policies cannot be fully implemented and supported strong enough, are inadequate. As to the character of mould industry, among insiders, not many people really know. In order to obtain greater support, the task is still very heavy.
Second, China casting mold industrial and international advanced level compared, in concept, and design, and process, and technology, and experience, aspects are exists larger gap, General view we also in to to advanced national track learning mainly stage, innovation enough, yet arrived information manufacturing and management and innovation stage, only in world medium level, industry overall level and international advanced level compared, about has 15 years around of gap, which casting mold processing online detection and information management aspects of gap in 15 years above. Gap responsibilities.
Third, China economic high-speed growth period has near end, future will rendering and in the speed situation, cost rose and margins declined will into normal, energy and ecological environment of binding will increasingly big, structure adjustment and growth way of change imminent, international Shang variable factors many, in this situation Xia, casting mold industry to maintained high speed of smooth growth and sustainable development, difficulty is big but and must achieved, industry people faced this a problem of cracked.