Automotive Mould Technical Content Is Very High

The Automotive Mould is a technical product and a typical non-stereotyped product, especially the technical content of the automotive panel Automotive Mould is very high. Automotive Mould manufacturing enterprises is a typical single-piece manufacturing enterprises, each set of Automotive Moulds should be creative design, CNC programming, production preparation, machining, assembly and test, an increase of enterprise production management complexity and difficulty. How to improve production efficiency, shorten the development cycle, improve the level of Automotive Mould technology, reduce production costs has been the Automotive Mould enterprises face problems. Beiqi Futian Weifang Automotive Mould Factory After years of practice and exploration, the whole process of the implementation of concurrent engineering, standardized design and manufacturing, fine processing of a place in place, professional collaboration production and coarse finishing separately production organization is also suitable for China Of small and medium Automotive Mould manufacturing enterprises.

The whole process of implementing concurrent engineering is one of the most effective ways to shorten the Automotive Mould development cycle. The so-called parallel engineering is the Automotive Mould development process in the process, all links should be synchronized, parallel, cross, try to avoid serial. In the car body development process, the synchronization project a total of three stages:

The first stage is the R & D department's product development and Automotive Mould development early parallel engineering, that is, product research and development departments in the body before the number of Automotive Mould freeze, the use of design version of the number of Automotive Mould and Automotive Mould factory technical department design review, the process will sign, so that product development Get perfect. At the same time, the Automotive Mould factory using the design version of the Automotive Mould for Automotive Mould development program planning, development of development budget, planning and stamping process program ', to carry out DL design, drawing die preliminary design and casting real processing. The concurrent engineering of this stage can reduce the development time of the Automotive Mould by 1 to 2 months.

The second stage is the Automotive Mould preparation process of technical preparation, production preparation, Automotive Mould processing and debugging between the various processes of parallel engineering, namely, production preparation, processing technology and numerical control program design in parallel. The production plan must first arrange the drawing, forming the Automotive Mould, followed by the flanging integer Automotive Mould, and then the trimming punching die, and finally blanking punching Automotive Mould, the only way to do a balanced production, ahead of time To the car factory to provide samples, to facilitate the third phase of the concurrent engineering.

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The third stage is the late Automotive Mould development and model trial production, test and body assembly line debugging of the concurrent engineering, that is, drawing, forming, flanging after the completion of the whole, the use of five-axis CNC laser cutting machine to complete blanking, trimming , Punching and other processes, to provide stamping samples, assembly screw body, test loader, reliability test, verify the design, automotive product announcements, commissioning and welding lines, until the small batch trial production, market development. Completion of this part of the work generally takes 4 to 6 months time Automotive Mould factory can use this time to complete the trimming, punching, blanking Automotive Mould development, and all the Automotive Moulds to adjust the commercialization of the state.

Design and manufacture

Automotive Mould design standardization First of all, to establish a standard Automotive Mould design database, including the standard parts of individual parts, including the standard components of the assembly structure, Automotive Mould structure database and a typical Automotive Mould structure database for technicians to design Automotive Moulds when copying, improve design efficiency and Automotive Mould standards The use of Automotive Mould to achieve the standardization of the Automotive Mould, serialization and standardization, making the standardization of the Automotive Mould more than 70%.

Fundamentally solve the non-specialized production caused by the quality of instability, the lack of interchangeability and can not guarantee the normal use of such issues, changing the traditional "small and complete", "big and" and "self-sufficiency" of the production organization the way. The use of Automotive Mould standard parts, including the small Automotive Moulds in the Automotive Mould, punching device, guide device, limit device, positioning device, pressure feeding device, wedge flushing device, pneumatic devices and nitrogen springs, spring return device. Can not use the standard parts of the structure should also be standardized, serialized, such as large-scale cover of the Automotive Mould end, cut / row of waste body, large wedge institutions, such as by the professional plant collaborative processing, the goal is to Automotive Mould processing manufacturers only convex / Such as special parts, to improve the standardization from design to processing, shorten the delivery cycle, stable Automotive Mould quality.