Three unfavourable factors limit China's mold industry

(1) chain is not perfect. Industry chain together with the mould as the core development is not enough, especially in the slow development of mould material is most evident. Mould materials greater impact on quality, homemade mold material for a long time, both in terms of variety, quality and quantity are unable to meet industry needs, limiting the industry's rapid development.
(2) mold development limited, and lack of technical personnel. Mould development in manufacturing precision and service life and process, such as number of test mode on mould level of research and development with foreign countries there is a considerable gap. Meanwhile, China's mold industry base, General and academic leaders in cutting-edge technology, as well as application-oriented and skilled workers are in short supply, causing certain obstacles to industry bigger and stronger.
(3) size is smaller. Lower mold product versatility, specialization and segmentation features, leading to average small scale mold enterprises in China, in response to fluctuations in raw material prices, changes in customers, as well as the disadvantaged to participate in international market competition.