Precision mold will be getting higher and higher

The fusion of form and function: decorative hardware function hardware and furniture hardware is divided into two broad categories. Many intangible separates the two furniture hardware manufacturers, decorative hardware does not pay attention to the function development, functional hardware for its decorative insufficient research and development, between the line. A case study of sliding door fittings, function, structure continued to improve over the years, but does not pay attention to unity of its decorative, many products work just as well, but always looks strange. In recent years, raising the level of innovative design, a number of designers focused on furniture hardware, to look to the concept of industrial design furniture hardware, furniture hardware, look and function better integration is the trend of furniture hardware.
Mold accuracy will become higher and higher. 10 years ago, precision accuracy of 5 microns, and has now reached 2~3 microns 1 micron precision mold will be listed soon. This calls for super finishing. Die industry are becoming larger. This is due to the mold parts are increasingly large-scale and high-efficiency requirements resulting from the development of a multi-cavity. Multifunctional composite mold will be further development of mold industry. New multifunctional compound outside of stamping parts, molds, is also responsible for pressure, tapping, riveting and Assembly tasks such as lock, steel and high performance requirements of.