The business principle of JieMei is to create an All-Win situation.JieMei strives to create wining situation for the employees,customers,vendors and society.
Human resources is the greatest asset of JieMei.
JieMei respects,trusts and care for every employee,providing good working and living environment for them.We frequently organize leisure activities such as learning technical knowledge,basketball league,birthday party,sports day and new year celebration etc.

We enjoy work and life.

Both the workers and their parents will get the gift and card on their birthday.Charitable Funds is set up in JieMei.
The worker who sufferes from finacial trouble can get the help from Charitable Funds.

We learn the technical knowledge.

Some of the workers are awarded.

Enjoy the annual celebration pary.
Some of our customers joined us together.

The morale performance on the anniversary pary.

Enjoy the basketball playing with customer

The chamber of commerce members visited JieMei.